Judy Bolton-Fasman is an award-winning writer and essayist. She is a weekly columnist on family and parenting for the Boston Jewish Advocate. Her popular column also frequently appears on the Christian Science Monitor’s Modern Parenthood blog, the Sisterhood blog of the Forward and the Huffington Post. She is also a contributor to Motherlode — the New York Times’ parenting blog.

A long time book critic, she has written book reviews, interviews and essays for newspapers and magazines, including O Magazine, the New York Times, Boston Globe, Washington Post and Christian Science Monitor. She has been invited to speak about her popular weekly parenting column The Judy Chronicles and her memoir-in-progress on National Public Radio, Huffington Post Live as well as to universities, synagogues and women’s groups.

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  1. Dear Judy,

    I am presently in NY and will be heading to Boston with my husband and my son. If you are in Town on August 11th, Sunday would be great to reconnect. The last time that we exchanged emails you mentioned that you thought to travel my direction, Montreal? Anyway……about your blog. I totally get it. I guess and understand why once upon the time we were friends. Our thoughts, values and immigrant upbringing ……My daughter is living in Baltimore with a nice jewish boy and I certainly wonder about the future. Is Jewish enough? Regards, Bluma

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