Coffin Shopping for Mom by Judy Bolton-Fasman

I have recently planned my mother’s funeral with the clear-eyed precision of an accountant and the organizational skills of the activities director at the assisted-living facility where she lives. And I have done it within a budget where there are no line items for grand final wishes.

1 thought on “Coffin Shopping for Mom by Judy Bolton-Fasman

  1. Loved this piece Judy— when my dad passed away a couple of years ago (also from complications with Parkinson’s) my mom and I went coffin shopping for him….and we picked out hers at the same time! She insisted on the no frills package however….even though we got a fancier version for my dad. AND she insisted on paying for both coffins right at the time. I think she wanted the Amex points. HA! Anyway, it is great to talk about these things.

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